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Function to create a GADSdat object based on a dat data.frame and a labels data.frame.


import_raw2(dat, labels)



A dat data.frame containing all actual data.


A labels data.frame containing all meta data.


Returns a GADSdat object.


A GADSdat is basically a list with two elements: a dat and a labels data.frame. If these elements are separated, they can be cleanly tied together again by import_raw2. The function performs extensive checks on the integrity of the resulting GADSdat object. See import_spss and import_raw for further details.


dat <- data.frame(ID = 1:5, grade = c(1, 1, 2, 3, 1))
varLabels <- data.frame(varName = c("ID", "grade"),
                       varLabel = c("Person Identifier", "School grade Math"),
                       stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
valLabels <- data.frame(varName = c("grade", "grade", "grade"),
                       value = c(1, 2, 3),
                       valLabel = c("very good", "good", "sufficient"),
                       missings = c("valid", "valid", "valid"),
                       stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

gads <- import_raw(df = dat, varLabels = varLabels, valLabels = valLabels, checkVarNames = FALSE)

# separate the GADSdat object
dat <- gads$dat
labels <- gads$labels

# rejoin it
dat <- import_raw2(dat, labels)