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Write a GADSdat object, which contains meta information as value and variable labels to an SPSS file (sav) or Stata file (dta). See 'details' for some important limitations.


write_spss(GADSdat, filePath)

write_stata(GADSdat, filePath)



A GADSdat object.


Path of sav file to write.


Writes file to disc, returns NULL.


The provided functionality relies on havens write_sav and write_dta functions.

Currently known limitations for write_spss are:

  • a) value labels for long character variables (> A10) are dropped,

  • b) under specific conditions very long character variables (> A254) are incorrectly displayed as multiple character variables in SPSS,

  • c) exporting date or time variables is currently not supported,

  • d) missing tags are slightly incompatible between SPSS and eatGADS as eatGADS supports unlimited discrete missing tags (but no range of missing tags) and SPSS only supports up to three discrete missing tags or ranges of missing tags. For this purpose, if a variable is assigned more than three discrete missing tags, write_spss() (more precisely export_tibble) performs a silent conversion of the discrete missing tags into a missing range. If this conversion affects other value labels or values in the data not tagged as missing, an error is issued.

Currently known limitations for write_stata are:

  • a) Variable format is dropped,

  • b) missing codes are dropped.


# write to spss
tmp <- tempfile(fileext = ".sav")
write_spss(pisa, tmp)

# write to stata
tmp <- tempfile(fileext = ".dta")
write_stata(pisa, tmp)
#> Warning: Missing codes and variable formats are dropped when writing to '.dta'.