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Recode multiple values in multiple variables in a GADSdat to NA.


recode2NA(GADSdat, recodeVars = namesGADS(GADSdat), value = "")



A GADSdat object.


Character vector of variable names which should be recoded.


Which values should be recoded to NA?


Returns the recoded GADSdat.


If there are value labels given to the specified value, a warning is issued. Number of recodes per variable are reported.

If a data set is imported from .sav, character variables frequently contain empty strings. Especially if parts of the data are written to .xlsx, this can cause problems (e.g. as look up tables from createLookup), as most function which write to .xlsx convert empty strings to NAs. recodeString2NA can be used to recode all empty strings to NA beforehand.


# create example GADS
dat <- data.frame(ID = 1:4, var1 = c("", "Eng", "Aus", "Aus2"),
                  var2 = c("", "French", "Ger", "Ita"),
                  stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
gads <- import_DF(dat)

# recode empty strings
gads2 <- recode2NA(gads)
#> Recodes in variable ID: 0
#> Recodes in variable var1: 1
#> Recodes in variable var2: 1

# recode numeric value
gads3 <- recode2NA(gads, recodeVars = "ID", value = 1:3)
#> Recodes in variable ID: 3