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Convert a character vector, all character variables in a data.frame or selected variables in a GADSdat to upper ("uppper"), lower ("lower"), or first letter upper and everything else lower case ("upperFirst").


convertCase(x, case = c("lower", "upper", "upperFirst"), ...)

# S3 method for GADSdat
convertCase(x, case = c("lower", "upper", "upperFirst"), vars, ...)



A character vector, data.frame, or GADSdat.


Character vector of length 1. What case should the strings be converted to? Available options are "lower", "upper", or "upperFirst".


further arguments passed to or from other methods.


Character vector. What variables in the GADSdat should the conversion be applied to?


Returns the converted object.

Methods (by class)

  • convertCase(GADSdat): convert case for GADSdats


# for character
convertCase(c("Hi", "HEllo", "greaT"), case = "upperFirst")
#> [1] "Hi"    "Hello" "Great"

# for GADSdat
input_g <- import_DF(data.frame(v1 = 1:3, v2 = c("Hi", "HEllo", "greaT"),
                          stringsAsFactors = FALSE))
convertCase(input_g, case = "upperFirst", vars = "v2")
#> $dat
#>   v1    v2
#> 1  1    Hi
#> 2  2 Hello
#> 3  3 Great
#> $labels
#>    varName varLabel format display_width labeled value valLabel missings
#> v1      v1     <NA>   <NA>            NA      no    NA     <NA>     <NA>
#> v2      v2     <NA>   <NA>            NA      no    NA     <NA>     <NA>
#> attr(,"class")
#> [1] "GADSdat" "list"