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Collapse two columns or format a single column of a lookup table created by createLookup.


collapseColumns(lookup, recodeVars, prioritize)



For example a lookup table data.frame as created via createLookup.


Character vector of column names which should be collapsed (currently only up to two variables are supported).


Character vector of length 1. Which of the columns in recodeVars should be prioritized, if multiple values are available? If recodeVars is of length 1, this argument can be omitted.


Returns a data.frame that can be used for applyLookup, with the columns:


Variable names


Old values


New values. Renamed and/or collapsed column.


If a lookup table is created by createLookup, different recoding columns can be specified by the addCols argument. This might be the case if two rater suggest recodes or one rater corrects recodes by another rater in a separate column. After the recoding columns have been filled out, collapseColumns can be used to either:

(a) Collapse two recoding columns into one recoding column. This might be desirable, if the two columns contain missing values. prioritize can be used to specify, which of the two columns should be prioritized if both columns contain valid values.

(b) Format the lookup table for applyLookup, if recodeVars is a single variable. This simply renames the single variable specified under recodeVars.


## (a) Collapse two columns
# create example recode data.frame
lookup_raw <- data.frame(variable = c("var1"), value = c("germa", "German", "dscherman"),
           recode1 = c(NA, "English", "German"),
           recode2 = c("German", "German", NA), stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

# collapse columns
lookup <- collapseColumns(lookup_raw, recodeVars = c("recode1", "recode2"), prioritize = "recode2")

## (b) Format one column
# create example recode data.frame
lookup_raw2 <- data.frame(variable = c("var1"), value = c("germa", "German", "dscherman"),
           recode1 = c("German", "German", "German"), stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

# collapse columns
lookup2 <- collapseColumns(lookup_raw2, recodeVars = c("recode1"))