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Recode one or multiple variables based on a lookup table created via createLookup. In contrast to applyLookup, this function allows the creation of multiple resulting variables from a single input variable. All variables in lookup except variable and value are treated as recode columns.


applyLookup_expandVar(GADSdat, lookup)



A GADSdat object.


Lookup table created by createLookup.


Returns a recoded GADSdat.


If a variable contains information that should be split into multiple variables via manual recoding, applyLookup_expandVar can be used. If there are missing values in any recode column, NAs are inserted as new values. A warning is issued only for the first column.

The complete work flow when using a lookup table to expand variables in a GADSdat based on manual recoding could be: (1) create a lookup table with createLookup. (2) Save the lookup table to .xlsx with write_xlsx from eatAnalysis. (3) fill out the lookup table via Excel. (4) Import the lookup table back to R via read_excel from readxl. (5) Apply the final lookup table with applyLookup_expandVar.

See applyLookup for simply recoding variables in a GADSdat.


## create an example GADSdat
example_df <- data.frame(ID = 1:6,
                        citizenship = c("germ", "engl", "germ, usa", "china",
                                        "austral, morocco", "nothin"),
                        stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
gads <- import_DF(example_df)

## create Lookup
lu <- createLookup(gads, recodeVars = "citizenship", addCol = c("cit_1", "cit_2"))
lu$cit_1 <- c("German", "English", "German", "Chinese", "Australian", NA)
lu$cit_2 <- c(NA, NA, "USA", NA, "Morocco", NA)

## apply lookup table
gads2 <- applyLookup_expandVar(gads, lookup = lu)
#> Warning: Not all values have a recode value assigned (missings in value_new).
#> No rows removed from meta data.
#> Adding meta data for the following variables: citizenship_1
#> No rows removed from meta data.
#> Adding meta data for the following variables: citizenship_2